Acrylic Curved Wall for Swimming pool in Resort Hotel in Jeddah Saudi

2023-12-27 | POOLS & SPAS

The Red Sea resort hotel features a sea-facing swimming pool with an exquisite transparent curved side panel, which has become a major attraction for tourists and established the hotel as an iconic destination. Guangjing Acrylic provides top-notch transparent acrylic curved side panels of exceptional quality.

Project: Acrylic swimming pool for resort hotel

Main Products: Acrylic Side Panels

Acrylic Products: 

  1. Acrylic Side Panel:  ⌒ Arc L 21.280 m × 1.7 m x T 150 mm, divided into 5 sections
  2. Acrylic Side Panel: ⌒ Arc L 9.34 m × 1.7 m, divided into 2 sections

Max Thickness 150mm

Approx Amount: $200 thousand USD

Installation: Partner

Local: Jeddah Saudi








Choice Grandview, Choice Win-win.

Grandview leading the market in swimming pool & aquarium acrylic with quality, service and cost control.

For 20 years, we have provided qualified pool & aqua acrylic across the globe.

  • 30 Years Warranty: Outdoor anti-UV, the color change a little, non-yellowing or cloudy
  • 105°C VST: Vicat Softening Temperature and Tensile strength Test each batch of Acrylic panels
  • Annealing: All machined acrylic products is annealed to relieve stress
  • 100% Purity MMA from Lucite: All new raw material MMA from Lucite factory local Shanghai
  • 45 or 90 degrees Bonding: Superb bonding technology, so that the seams perfect
  • Lead Time in 7-10 Days: Strong Production Capacity, Huge stock, Fast delivery
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