Acrylic Glass Panel Window for Steel Swimming Pool

2022-07-14 | POOLS & SPAS

PROJECT: Acrylic Window for Steel Swimming Pool


APPLICATION: Acrylic Window with Size 6260×1050 mm x Thickness 80mm

YEAR: JUL 2022

The customer are constructing a swimming pool in stainless steel that should have an Acrylic infinity glass installed.

They found Grandview and wonder if we could deliver what they need.

They will also need help with the construction of the pool in the connection between metal and glass.

The pool should be built and installed in Sweden.

So the temperature of the surrounding area will go from -25 to about +30 degrees in the winter/summer time.

The water temp in the pool would be around 25 degrees in the summer and if it is necessary for the Acrylic it could be around 5 degrees in the winter.

But if it is possible the client wants to turn off the heat in the winter time.

The customer have attached a simple drawing to the mail so we could see what it's all about.

They want us to come back to them with some info and a price for this with shipping to Sweden.

The size should be 6260x1050x80mm 

we quote a price for this Acrylic and also quote a price for shipping to Lidköping/Gothenburg Sweden. 


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